Important information concerning your pest management program.

Health and safety precautions to be observed during and after pest treatment.

  1. You must advise us of any pets or any person /family/babies/pregnant women/staff allergies or health concerns.
  2. Any persons with particular sensitivity or suffer from allergies should, as a matter of precaution, remain outside for a period of 1-24 hours and not return until after premises has been fully ventilated ask.
  3. Should you suspect anyone has come in contact with the treated area and has been affected in any way, contact the Poisons Information Centre on 131126 and have this notice with you.
  4. You must cover all food items and food utensils before treatment as directed.
  5. We guarantee not to use any synthetic compounds that contribute to bee colony collapse disorder on a large scale for garden or house perimeter spraying. Whilst we are committed to finding alternate ways of treating pests that do not cause a lasting impact on the environment, we may use synthetic pesticides as a last resort for treating resistant infestations such as dusting the back of a dishwasher.
  6. You must remove or protect any people, animals or fish during treatment. All pets/animals should be kept away from treated areas until dry and odour has cleared.
  7. You must avoid contact with treated surfaces until areas are dry. This could take 3 to 24 hours in some cases.
  8. With external treatments, close all doors and windows during treatment and keep closed until odour has cleared. This could take 3 to 24 hours in some cases. This is done to avoid odour in the building.
  9. When gaining access to or working in the roof void/sub-floor areas, overalls, gloves and respirator should be worn to avoid contact with insecticidal products. Wash overalls/gloves off as soon as practicable.
  10. You must observe any verbal advice provided by our firm or our licensed technician at time of treatment.


  1. Only pest control agents/products approved by the Department of Primary Industries and/or Australia Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority and registered for use within the relevant states will be used.
  2. While every care will be taken, All Natural will not be held liable should staining of timbers, fabrics, wall coverings, floor coverage or any other articles occur.
  3. Warranty is voided if you do not comply with basic natural and organic pest control measures. Organic pest control measures include thorough cleaning of food preparation areas, the use of tightly sealed containers for food storage, and ensuring the prompt disposal of all food scraps.
  4. Usual warranty period is for Six(6) months after the initial treatment. Warranty will entitle the purchaser to a free second treatment to rectify any re-infestation. Any further visits or treatments are discretionary and are provided as a courtesy by All Natural Pest Control and do not form a part of the original warranty. End of Lease pest control warranty is for (4) weeks due to the fact that new tenants may introduce novel and complex infestations to the property.