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About All Natural Pest Control

Our Studies in Chemistry and our Ecosystem

Established in 2015 and managed by an Eco scientist who graduated from UQ for undergraduate, with postgraduate qualifications in environmental and sustainability science, John brings over a decade of university study and a passion for preserving the environment.

We are pioneers in caring for the environment. We specialise in sustainable pest management, informed and backed by scientific training. This sets us apart from the competitors who double as carpet cleaners or handymen who talk the talk without our deep understanding of the potential environmental impact.

The Case for Natural Pest Control

All Natural Pest Control is the culmination of over 10 years at university, including the study of chemistry at the University of Queensland. Throughout this process, we have become increasingly horrified at the devastating effects humans are having on the ecosystem, such as bee colonies which are essential to all our nation-wide industries in farming and agriculture.

Resolving Pest Infestation Effectively

Many pest operators continue to rely primarily on harsh chemical solutions to resolve pest infestations which, while effective, can cause honey bee colony collapse disorder and irreparable harm to native insects and animals.

Environmentally Conscious Treatment Solutions

At All Natural, we use the knowledge we have accumulated through years of university study, research each and every substance, and select the most environmentally conscious treatment natural solutions that protect your family, your pets and our environment.

Our aim is to remove pests while protecting the environment and ensuring no harm is done to the environment.

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