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Preventative Measures for Urban Pests Introduction

Urban pests like spiders, cockroaches, fleas and termites are living creatures and they need moisture, food and shelter to survive.

In order to eliminate pests our fully qualified professional pest control technicians integrate the use of natural, plant-derived pesticides combined with our extensive knowledge base of pest habitats to provide you the most environmentally-friendly pest control.

Some preventative measures can assist us in providing long-lasting and effective treatments for your home or workplace.

Simple Steps around the Home to Minimise Pest Infestations of Cockroaches, Mice and Rats

As a client, you are advised to carry out a few simple steps around the home in order to minimise pest infestations. Cockroaches, mice and rats can be managed to some extent by being denied access to food by immediate thorough cleaning of food preparation areas and using tightly sealed containers for food storage. Be careful to ensure you dispose of all scraps as cockroaches, in particular, are drawn to scraps and crumbs. Maintain a clean environment at all times.

Human Skin, Dust, Vacuuming and Fleas

A substantial proportion of the dust that collects in homes is made up of human skin sheddings, an organic material that supports a number of organisms, including cat fleas. Frequent and thorough vacuuming is required to help manage flea infestation.

The Relationship between Moisture and Ventilation to Wood Fungi and Termites

Sources of moisture and poor ventilation in the sub floor areas will increase the chance of wood fungi and termites. Improving sub floor ventilation and eliminating moisture leaks and seepage is required for effective management of termites and wood fungi infestations.

At All Natural Pest Control we want to ensure that your house or apartment is free from bugs and termites while protecting the environment.