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Our Brisbane prices are cheap and start at only $75.00 

We also offer a price beat guarantee on all services*

Pest control services available after hours and weekends**

Domestic and Commercial Pest Control

Domestic and commercial pest control services all over Brisbane and the Gold Coast area.

Termite and General Pest Removal

Termite inspections (both annual and home pre-purchase).

Termite treatments and general pest control.

Fully Qualified Professional Technician for Termite and General Pest services.

Spider Removal

After-hours emergency spider removal.

More than just a pest control company

All Natural are highly trained organic pest control experts. Our cheap yet proven effective natural pest control methods offer a total solution for all your pest management needs.

Are you buying or looking to protect your home from termites? Our effective termite management is the best, cleanest and cheapest method of termite control.

*Price beat guaranteed for quotes from fully licensed termite and general pest technician
in local area with a genuine website showing their current price. Bundled packages are excluded from this guarantee.
** After hours and weekend services pending availability. Price beat guarantee may not be available for
after hours and weekend services - just ask if your service is eligible for price beat.

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What is Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder?

Use of certain pesticides can lead to honey bee colony collapse disorder as reported in Science magazine in 2012, as well as affect insect-eating birds and aquatic invertebrates, according to a 2013 study.

Whilst these pesticides are effective against targeted insects, they can cause a catastrophic decline in honey bee population with overuse. Honey bees are essential for pollinating over 100 agricultural crops including apples, strawberries and nuts to name a few. Colony collapse disorder occurs when pollinating bees do not return to the hive, leaving the queen alone, with no other explanation for why the bees are missing.

At All Natural, we are committed to alternative effective solutions of treating pests by keeping abreast of new tried and tested scientific advancements or methods using natural plant based pesticides that will not cause any lasting impact on the environment.